11 Feb

"Once my body has failed, my words would be the only thing remaining … I have no fear exposing my emotions, that’s the difference between leaving a footprint in the cement of life not the sand."

That quote summarizes singer/rapper Mojo Free's mission statement in a nutshell. The up and coming artist caught us with her latest single "Daughter". A mellow reflective tune about infidelity from a whole different perspective.  Mojo Free turns up the temperature on an unfaithful man as she sings "…I'm the spawn, I'm the seed, I'm the devil's daughter/Reason you not home with the mother of your daughter..."  The Baton Rouge, Louisiana based artist displays a raw, unfiltered outlook on the subject matter fusing melody laced verses across a dreamy trap-ish backdrop.

"Daughter" is a single taken from her new project 'Coloring Book'. A project that exudes that new age soulful trap vibes alongside Mojo's deep southern influences.  On the project she expresses her life story, beliefs, and motifs in a sound as unique as her appearance. 

Read more at https://earmilk.com/2018/02/06/mojo-free-speaks-on-a-delicate-issue-on-daughter/#4sO34JmpZVWKgOOD.99

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