Master Pen: Trvpbeez

23 Apr

"Boy meets world, Ben Savage"

A range of an emcee determines how far one can go. Some can make real Hip Hop music to the core and some can make music with that bounce. An emcee that can do both the sky is truly the limit. Trvpbeez is one of these artists that can do it all. We first heard Trvpbeez on his song "Over My Dead Body". A true master class of emceeing with him giving raw and honest lyrics throughout the track, but with his new song "Mr.Feeny" he showed his range with an infectious style fulled with flavor that made you want to hear more. Trvpbeez was gracious enough to break down the Master Pen behind his song "Mr. Feeny". Below is the interview.

Who is Trvpbeez the artist?

Im just your normal everyday anime nerd with BARS. As an artist i really strive to tell my story in a way that people can relate to and feel while showcasing my lyrical prowess.  

What inspired the slick lyrical approach to “Mr. Feeny”?

The first bar of the hook came to me after a text I received, i had actually just posted a snippet of another track of mine and this girl who curved me in high school slid in my DMs immediately after. The bros and i laughed about it and my boy boogie said "oh she see the bussdown now she wanna bussdown" and the rest was history. Plus Boy Meets World was a huge part of my childhood and it all just fell into place naturally.

In your opinion what is the bar you wrote that you knew would get people’s attention and break it down?

It would have to be " Space jams on me nigga bugs bunny(Space Jam Jordan's that Micheal Jordan wore in Space Jam) / meet her then i skeet her nigga Doug funny (skeeter was Doug's best-friend on the show Doug so it was just a little play on words) /"  

i really was alot more laid back on this track lyrically but that bar kinda slid its way in there.

What do you think is the bar that people may sleep on listening to “Mr. Feeny” and why?

"All these lil niggas archaic got the same damn cadence/ they don't even like music they just do it cause its payin/ "

Ive just seen too many interviews with mainstream artists where they openly express that they have no interest in music they just do it for a check. I cant relate. I love it, music has always kinda been my escape. Every artist strives to make a living off of their work don't get me wrong, but I do it because I love it and I'd rather make a living and LIVE my life doing something I love to do. I want my daughter to see that she too can making a living off of her passion and talents whatever they may be but I have to led by example.

What would you rate your pen on “Mr. Feeny” 1-10? 10 being the highest?

Personally I'd say about a 7 I really tried to bring something a little more laid back lyrically.

What can people expect next from Trvpbeez?

 BIG THINGS !!! I got a couple things in the works I can't go into too much detail on. Im sitting on an album and a couple more projects right now so definitely be on the lookout for those. 

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