Master Pen: B1GJuice

11 Apr

"Me against the world on my Pac sh*t" 

Hip Hop can be done and absorbed a lot of different ways. Most music today has a lot of bounce and surface level lyrics that make the people move, but there are still some artist who go against the grain and give you not only quality work but their true self as an artist. B1GJuice gives you the real on his new song "Chandeliers". A perfect storm of hard production and raw lyrics that tell his story while also being sharp on the mic that makes for incredible audio.

B1GJuice was gracious enough to take time to break down his Master Pen that went to his song "Chandeliers" below is the interview.

Who is B1GJuice the artist?

B1GJuice the artist is just like you. He is a father, son, brother, and friend. He has been through the mud. He has hopes, dreams, fears, and nightmares; just like everyone else. Blessed with a sense of resilience and strength from his career as an NCAA athlete at Furman University, B1GJuice continues to put an unknown city on his back. Telling tales of heartbreak, injury, and finding a path out of self-pity and doubt, B1GJuice commands an audience with his sinister voice and a cadence fluid enough to lay vocals over any beat thrown at him. He explores the failures of his past life, his struggles as an artist, and life as a new father, while weaving through steady drums and rumbling bass lines. Drowned in solitude, he continues to pour out his pain for the world to hear. While Brampton is known to be championed by the likes of Tory Lanez and Roy Woods, B1GJuice’s plan is to set a new standard with him at the forefront.

 What inspired the raw lyrical approach to “Chandeliers”?

This song started off as a auto-biography. I was attempting to give the listener a genuine glimpse of my past; a look at what made B1GJuice who he is. The beat is very simple, but yet moody; so I felt that a raw approach lyrically would fit best. But, I want that feeling to come across with all of songs; genuine, real, and raw. 

In your opinion what is the bar you wrote that you knew would get people’s attention and break it down?

"Y'all Dranking Kool-aid on a Cool Day, Lifes a game I mastermind and let the fools play" - This line has a couple meanings to it. The "Kool-aid"  ya'll drinking refers to the Jim Jones, Jonestown, Kool-Aid Cocktail. Those that don't know, Jim Jones was a cult leader that had his followers drink a "kool-aid" cocktail that killed them. Us, as humans, we consume so much that hurts us; both physically and spiritually, and we are blind to it. The music we listen to, the food we consume, it all plays a role in how we live or die. While the general public consumes this metaphorical "kool-aid"; even on a cool day (when it is not needed), I am aware of this; I have mastered the art of living within this system/game and not drinking the "kool-aid".  

Which leads us to the 2nd part of the bar. Life is a game/system that we are all players in, those that Master the game/system do not play at the same level as the other; sometimes they do not play at all because they allow others to play/work for them. So I have Mastered my (Mine) life. Also, Mastermind is the name of a game store out here, so the act of allowing others to play in this game called life is being compared (metaphorically) to the game store supplying entertainment. 

What do you think is the bar that people may sleep on listening to “Chandeliers” and why?

"Plaques on the wall; Diamonds in the Air (Ear)" - This is my vision. Not in literal diamonds, but Diamond Plaques from my music reaching a certain amount of Ears or Air Play. "Diamonds" was the original title of the song. 

What would you rate your pen on “Chandeliers” 1-10? 10 being the highest?

Pen-wise I would rate this a 6 or a 7. I always believe there is room for improvement. I feel I could have added a couple more punchlines, maybe took out the chorus and added more bars, anything to make the song better. I find it hard to pat my self on the back. But overall, the track does exactly what I intended it to do; it sets a certain vibe/environment for me to tell my story. 

What can people expect next from B1GJuice?

More songs and More videos for sure; already finished and loaded. I intended to flood the digital platforms with content this year because the marathon must continue (RIP Nip). No need to hold back anymore. I've been making music without releasing since 2012 and I feel I am at a point where I am comfortable enough with my product. It's go time.


Check out B1GJuice "Chandeliers" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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