Shakur Stevenson: The Future of Boxing

21 Apr

There have been many great boxers in the history of the sport. Many displaying great skill but some boxers are stars. They have just have that "It" factor that makes them stand out from the pack, but beyond that there are some that have incredible God given ability and are mega stars. Shakur Stevenson is the next big mega star in Boxing.

Shakur Stevenson first made waves when in 2016 Summer Olympics. It was then he captivated the world with his superb skills, as he made waves and finished with a silver medal. Since then he has started a beyond impressive pro career, where he has dismantled every opponent he has faced, including his latest opponent Christopher Diaz who he put on a Boxing clinic against last night over 10 rounds of supreme talent on display. Improving his record to 11-0.

In times where boxers words are loud and get ahead with major co signs, Shakur's talent is the loudest and advancing in this competitive sport with all talent, grind, and dedication that will not only make him the next big PPV star, but the biggest name in boxing that will have purist and casual fans tuning in alike.

Check out highlights of Shakur Stevenson highlights courtesy of Boxing World Weekly and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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