Robby Anderson: New York's Next Big Wide Receiver

16 Apr

Hip Hop and sports have always been parallel worlds. With both artists and athletes respecting each others craft with admiration to the point they try their hand at it. What's more Hip Hop than overcoming the odds, defying convention, and becoming a breakout talent worthy of all respect. That's everything that New York Jets Wide Receiver Robby Anderson embodies.

Robby Anderson came from being an undrafted free agent out of Temple in 2016 to rookie Sam Darnold's favorite target, with stellar work in the 14 games he played last season. With OBJ now gone to Cleveland, there's a void for that next big athletic star that Robby Anderson is poised to be.

Robby continues to grow as a player with last season being a break out year with him having career highs in average yards per catch at 15 yards, as well longest reception at 76 yards. Whenever Sam Darnold needed a spark Robby was there with quick feet, sharp route running, as well as his hands of glue, and with the addition of LeVeon Bell, New York Jets are poised for a breakout year where the entire team will be able to shine.

Check out Robby Anderson's 2018-2019 highlight video courtesy of Gridiron Films and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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