Marquez Valdes - Scantling: The X factor in Green Bay's receiving corp

07 May

The biggest critique of the Green Bay Packers is their receiving group. Countless analyst and journalist, have all criticized this group for their lack of depth, as well as talent outside of Devante Adams. As the old saying goes sometimes the answer you're looking for is right in front of you and that answer for the receiving group, is Marquez Valdes - Scantling who is poised for a breakout year.

This talent out of South Florida showed incredible glimpses in his rookie season with a couple of 100 plus yard games, as well as leading in receiving the last game of the season against the Detroit Lions. Marquez finished third in receiving yards and receptions in his rookie year for the team. With a full offseason to truly hone his skills and a year of pro football under his belt, his flashes of his game against the 49ers and Patriots, will be habits and consistency for this offense he needs to be the extra spark for.

Instead of a Sophomore slump expect a sophomore shine for this second year receiver, for a team with a new head coach and franchise quarterback who need big plays from a great player for this upcoming season.

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