Claressa Shields: The Star Boxing Needs

17 Apr

Boxing, like music has been a male dominated thing. Since the beginning of these respective parallels, the male stars have always been applauded for their greatness and boldness in their approach. For women finding a voice has not always been easy and the only way to get the proper respect is to command it. Claressa Shields is not only the star that Boxing needs but sports period.

The 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Claressa Shields embodies everything it is to be a Black Star. She's bold, beautiful, daring, and unapologetically talented and God gifted. Claressa went in to her latest bout with Christina Hammer a major underdog with most critics predicting a loss, as well as polls siding in favor of her opponent. Impossible was nothing as she dominated her opponent with a master class performance of skill and let her talent speak for her, to become the undisputed champion and put female boxing in it's rightful spotlight.

The sky is the limit for Claressa Shields who is destined to be a break out star and headline major cards like her male counterparts. She carriers her self with the ultimate confidence inside and outside the ring, while being the perfect athlete to represent the times we are in. We are in the days of women empowerment coming to the forefront and Claressa's skills are the physical embodiment on the movement. No longer will there be a playing the back with her skills being loud, commanding, and in your face to the point you have to give all praise due.

Check out highlights from Claressa Shields last fight courtesy of Legendary TopCatz and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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