Global Money Family

Don Rich aka Coach P:CEO

Rich is the CEO and President of Global Money Group LLC. A label and management company based out of Michigan. He started off as a a producer/ Artist from with many influeneces from A tribe called quest, Jay Z, Nas and Wu tang. With growing success as an artist and building many relationships in the industry He decided to start his own label Global Money Group LLC and is looking to build a prominent hip hop empire for the culture. His label currently has had 24 releases and currently has an active roster of Long Island emcees Quis Christ, Billy Palmtrees, Manhattan emcee Nerd Angeles, Indiana emcee Joby Wright, Grand Rapids artists Bel - Air Beezy, Rebel Kuzco, and songstress from Baton Rouge Mojo Free.

Don Rich aka Coach P


Billypalmtrees Is an Inspiring Artist From Long Island "New York" with A unique Style that can not be duplicated not only does he favorite Lyricism But is also Versitale with R&B vocals as well. The Artist started Off his career singing but was later influenced By Hiphop Watching One his idols Lupe Fiasco Releasing One of his Singles "Kick Push" His Music is heavly influenced by 90s hiphop rap staying true to himself Billypalmtrees often works with production from classic "Boom Bap" to Slow R&B vibes Recently Releasing His Solo Ep "Art is Us" which can be found on his soundcloud Billypalmtrees looks to take the industry by storm with his own Genre of Music and creativity

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Quis Christ:Artist

Marquis Richardson better known by his stage name Quis Christ (Formerly Marquis Rashard )hailing from Long Island, New York has made quite the impact in his early musical career. After releasing his debut EP 40Acres in April of 2015, Marquis has been busy hitting the road getting his name up having traveled to New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Austin (For SXSW) and Philadelphia to put on live performances. Having opened for artists such as Talib Kweli, Curren$y, Fashawn, Peter Rock, Inspectah Deck, Jarren Benton, R.A. The Rugged Man and Sean Price, Marquis has accomplished quite the resume in a short time. With a old school feel mixed with a new school hip hop flavor Marquis has been able to bring back that signature "New York hip hop sound". Some have compared him to a modern day Big L, some say he's reminiscent of Method Man or a east coast version of Big KRIT. Having been inspired by artists such as Nas, Big Daddy Kane, The Cool Kids, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar Quis is still perfecting his sound trying to find his niche. His following release, another EP titled SON... continued to push his notoriety even further, landing features on and also getting him noticed as an top artist to watch by With his debut full length album titled Life As A Shortie that released on July 14th, 2017 The future looks bright for the young Long Island MC

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Quis Christ

Michael Nobody:Artist/ VP

Michael Nobody is an up&coming artist to watch out within the hip hop scene. Armed with direct blend of charisma and a forward-thinking set of songs, he sets out to create tracks with an eclectic, yet direct and personal feel echoing the seminal performers the likes of Jodeci, Jay Z, or Drake, just to mention a few. The Michigan-based artist mastered the skill of combining his personal lyric flow with catchy melodies and smooth vocal performances

Michael Nobody


Born Erik van Ingen in Marathon, New York EVI is an artist and Hip Hop Producer. Since his introduction to Hip Hop in the late nineties he has immersed himself in music and art. While playing the Saxophone for nine years at his Alma Mater, he has gained experience in music theory, arrangement, and songwriting. In 2010 EVI picked up Music Production to score the films that he was working on as a part of his curriculum at Binghamton University. In this process his professors turned him onto the school's audio room, stacked with Tape Reels and Vinyl Records.The staff encouraged the use of found footage and sampling, causing EVI to fall down a rabbit hole of who sampled who and how and why. For the next seven years EVI would refine his craft until 8/10/17... the release of his debut Beat Tape "I Told You".

Nakia Quarles:Endie Fiya

Nakia Y. Quarles, CWP is the former VP of Global Marketing and Executive A&R for Metal 2 Music Records/SMG and Metal 2 Music Entertainment Management, Certified Wedding & Events Planner, Owner of ~N~ Motion Events, Promoter, BMI Songwriter, and Victims Advocate. She started with Metal 2 Music as the East Coast Affiliate Event & Entertainment Management Liaison, combining her skills and knowledge from her event planning business and her extensive knowledge in the hotel/tourism industry with entertainment management. Soon after, Nakia began to Talent Scout for the label, seeking artists for airplay, interviews, and roster consideration. Under the very structured guiding and mentorship of Metal 2 Music Executive, Franz "Sincere" Ates, she advanced into a Music Business Consultant, an Artist Development Representative, Artist Management, Executive A&R and VP of Global Marketing. As the chief promoter for the label, she handled all social media marketing and advertising, global marketing, and served as the Program Director for Radio. Nakia previously hosted Independent Everything, the globally produced Blog Talk Radio Show of Metal 2 Music Records/SMG. She also co-hosted the globally aired Franzaliscious Music Video n More Show, on Radio with Nerve DJ Franz The Hybrid One and "Sexy Saturdays," Real Talk About Acting Out Your Fantasies With Your Mate on The Artists Loft. Affectionately known as the #grlNmotion, currently, you can find Nakia promoting events and independent artists, managing artists, and hosting the Blog Talk Radio Show, E.n.d.i.e. Fiya and He Said, She Said! HOT TOPICS with Nakia & Rich (hosted by E.n.d.i.e. Fiya). E.n.d.i.e. Fiya is the spin off show of Independent Everything (produced and globally syndicated by Metal 2 Music Records/SMG). Both shows are platforms that give the independent communities, to include music artists, producers, bloggers, authors, models, actors, writers, non-profits... ANYONE doing anything independently, an avenue of expression to get their brands out there for our fans, followers, listening audience, and the world to know about.

Nakia Quarles

Rebel Kuzco:Artist

Rebel Kuzco is a Grand Rapids, MI based artist formerly with the duo Rosewood 2055. It is the experiences from his hometown and musical journey that affect his story. He began touring globally in 2013, building buzz and momentum through specific working relationships. Mainly the legendary Hip Hop group Slum Village. After a successful EP titled “Hey!” with Rosewood 2055. At the height of their success Rosewood 2055 disbanded, he embarked on a solo career. Now ready to conquer the world Rebel Kuzco has released his debut solo project, “Llamas and Luchadors,” that released on August 31st, 2018.

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Rebel Kuzco


Rae.Dianz, a 22 year old new female emcee on the scene. Reviving the old school and merging that with the current heat. Most subject matter of her tracks (including her new EP BUOCHIC) she's released have been focused mainly on mental health, which shes adamant on being vocal about. Although her voice is soothing and straightforward, she is more complex then what meets the eye.


Lucas Spicer:Producer

Lucas Spicer // London (UK) based hip hop producer. The 27 year old beatsmith is currently working on his debut album "Jewelz" to be released late 2018. His signature sound is based on a love of sampling and soulful textures, creating detailed soundscapes unique to the beat scene. His influences include // Jay Dilla, Flying Lotus, Knxwledge and Kanye.

Lucas Spicer