Zoos - All Wrong

16 Mar

"You're loving me all wrong"

There's so much music out there, which means music touch you in many different ways but the music that you can feel in your soul, is the music that last with you forever. That music you feel is what makes you a lifetime fan of artists and a group that has that music you can feel is NYC based group Zoos with their new song "All Wrong".

Zoos craft together a record that wastes no time engaging you with their song "All Wrong" that grabs you in instantly. Their talent is in another stratosphere and their music takes you into another world, that you will never want to leave.The production is truly amazing on "All Wrong" with the songwriting and vocal performance, delivering the perfect color to this brilliant art piece this group has created.

Zoos "All Wrong" sounds like a record with unlimited potential with everything abut this record being truly master class. The sound is one of a kind, the songwriting is sharp, and the vocal performance has a perfect blend of sultry and soul to it, that creates a special kind of magic for the world to enjoy.

Check out Zoos "All Wrong" below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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