Yes We Mystic - Please Bring Me To Safety

17 Apr

"Bring me to safety"

Anything worth talking about will truly have you lost for words! With so much music being able to be digested in different ways, some music is just truly undeniable and can only be looked at as great. It's not too many songs that defy one's preference but please believe me when I tell you that Yes We Mystic's new song "Please Bring Me to Safety" is one of those records you must drop everything and hear now.

Yes We Mystic is truly phenomenal with their new song "Please Bring Me To Safety". Giving you a out of this world display of musicianship that you can't help but admire. The sound is big and sounds like an instant magnum opus, with the great songwriting that is delivered by an equally amazing vocal performance, over a brilliant production that puts this record in another class of greatness

Yes We Mystic "Please Bring Me to Safety" is a song you not only must hear but truly owe it to yourself to hear if you love good music.Yes We Mystic truly knocks this record out the park and lets all of their talents shine. There is only one Yes We Mystic and their work speaks for itself with this song being the ultimate proof.

Check out Yes We Mystic "Please Bring Me to Safety" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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