Videocean - Genes

05 Feb

"I just want to live in a fair world"

Music has so many different elements to it, which in turn gives the listener so many different reasons to enjoy it. However if you want to connect with the listener to a deep level that can make someone a lifetime fan, then it is imperative that your music has soul. That thing that connects to the heart and make people feel you on a spiritual level. That is everything that South London soul-gaze act Videocean gives you with their new song "Genes".

Videocean grooves are undeniable on their new song "Genes". The funk is infectious and the production has an unlimited amount of value to it, that must be respected and admired. As funky as the groove is, the lyrical content is consciously aware and thought provoking, with engaging songwriting that covers the troubles of the world on a song that is brilliant in it's articulation.

Videocean's "Genes" is the perfect storm of great music. It truly mastered the art of making a groove that people can move to, while dropping heavy content in the lyrics masterfully to leave the listener with a jam and a message all in one audio experience.

Check out Videocean "Genes" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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