Venus Demilo - By The Book

05 Apr

"I've found my eyes have failed me, by looking down"

Fridays are all about excellence and there's no way we can truly stand by that without posting the new song from Venus Demilo called "By The Book". So much music coming out these days and so much variety but nothing will ever beat music filled with soul and a powerful message.

Venus Demilo is beyond amazing in their new song "By The Book" that is undeniably some of the best music you will hear, if you just press play on this incredible record. The production and instrumentation on this track is marvelous, as it has a driving force behind it that you strap in and enjoy the ride for. The vocal performance is equally brilliant with the right amount soul, as they bring light to the hopeful lyrics, that make this record a true gem.

Venus Demilo "By The Book" is true musical bliss. It's a record that is truly amazing and a display of musical craftsmanship, that can't be match nor duplicated. From beginning to end Venus Demilo gives you music that you can not only enjoy but admire and adore for years to come.

Check out Venus Demilo "By The Book" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!  

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