Venus Demilo- All I Want

06 May

"All I want is you"

Happy Monday!!! Thank you for rocking with us for another week! It's truly appreciated. If you're familiar with the site you know Monday's are all about bringing the best of the best content to start your week. When speaking of the best of the best in music we have to add Venus Demilo's new song "All I Want" in that conversation.

Venus Demilo was first on Global Media Rock with their song "By The Book". Our first taste of this incredible talent who is back rocking the world with their new song "All I Want". Venus Demilo has a next level sound that stands out as soon as you hit play. The master class performance of musicianship is nothing short of brilliance, as they hit the mark in every aspect of crafting records with ease.

Venus Demilo's "All I Want" is a must hear if you're looking to catch the next big thing in music at work. The sound is big, The lyrics are incredible, and all delivered by an amazing vocal performance that is a match made in heaven with the standout production.

Check out Venus Demilo "All I Want" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!  

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