Trapdoor Social - Truth

05 Apr

"Once you know the truth, lies can't cover your eyes"

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has had a great  week and I'm sure it will be a great weekend for us all as well. Here at Global Media Rock, it's no secret that excellence is the key for our Fridays. Making sure we bring you the best content to make sure your weekend starts off just right. I'm more than confident we have achieved that with the new song from Trapdoor Social called "Truth".

Trapdoor Social has crafted together an amazing record that might be some of the most impressive songwriting you will hear present day. The production on "Truth" is genius and meshes well with the superb lyrics to perfection.The vocal performance over the driving electric guitars is pure magic that instantly grabs you and makes you a fan.

Trapdoor Social's "Truth" is a work of art in the form of Rock the world should hear. It's an amazing record that truly hits the target in every criteria for music. The vocal performance is amazing, the lyrics are brilliant, and its all over an incredible production that reminds us all of why we all love Rock in the first place.

Check out Trapdoor Social's "Truth" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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