TIMI TEMPLE Featuring Doc Merlin - No Where

19 Apr

"There's no where I'd rather be"

Happy Friday!!! Thank you all for rocking with us another week to enjoy some great music that we have to offer. Music can come from anywhere and today's ultimate jam is from Sydney's own TIMI TEMPLE with his new record "No Where" featuring Doc Merlin that is beyond amazing.

TIMI TEMPLE brings a style that is pure rock and captivating like The Beatles performing for the first time the states. TIMI is super talented and it's ever so apparent on this new song "No Where" with him clicking on all cylinders. The production is marvelous in every way, the song writing is light and catchy as ever, and it's all delivered to perfection to make a modern day classic.

TIMI TEMPLE's "No Where" featuring Doc Merlin is the song you hear from an artist and become a fan for life. The sound is mesmerizing and creates a musical experience you can't find anywhere or from anyone else than this special talent. Everything you could want is right here in this special track. that is packed with nothing but musical excellence from beginning to end.

Check out TIMI TEMPLE featuring Doc Merlin "No Where" below and follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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