Thumper - In My Room

28 Apr

"When I'm in my room"

With so much music out there and music being very subjective, it all hits us differently. Some music is a slow burn and some music instantly grabs you, and you feel you've heard the next big thing. Thumper from Dublin City sound like the next big thing with their new song "In My Room".

Thumper have a sound that's so familiar, yet so fresh with as they combine bubblegum pop with hard rock influences to create their sound. Their new song "In My Room" is a smashing record that instantly engages you, as soon as you hear the first guitar riff. The vocal performance is amazing and delivers their message to perfection as they create a masterpiece that will create a frenzy around the world.

Thumper's "In My Room" is a must listen from beginning to end. It's the perfect record to display the groups raw energy with them crafting together an undeniable body of work. The production is brilliant, the instrumentation is gold, the lyrics are just right, and the vocal performance brings everything full circle to make this song amazing.

Check out Thumper "In My Room" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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