The Qualia - A Quiet Night At Home

09 Jan

"When you're all out of answers and there's no where left to run, well come on over"

My mother once told me she fell in love with Rock because of the stories. The journey the records take you on and the way that they connect to the listener. That couldn't be more true for the New York-based  group The Qualia with their new song "A Quiet Night at Home".

The Qualia's new song "A Quiet Night at Home" is perfect in it's articulation about something we all go through and grow through which is growing older, and the ways that friendships get strained by people's lives getting pushed in different directions. The sound is big and the music is powerful, with a vocal performance that brings it all home and connects to the heart enough to make you slow down and enjoy life for a moment.

The Qualia's "A Quiet Night at Home" is a song for music lovers everywhere to enjoy. This record is brilliantly packed with shimmering synths and melodies that make you dream, and get wrapped in the amazing sound of the record. The production is outstanding, the lyrics are on point, and the vocals bring everything full circle.

Check out The Qualia "A Quiet Night at Home" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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