stages - Something You

24 Jan

"You got my attention, What are your intentions"

It's no secret that the reason we are all here at Global Media Rock is because we love music. One thing I love is Love Music. Music that feels good to hear, feels good to sing, and makes you want to be good to someone. That's the type of music that brings people together and stages new song "Something You" is one of those songs.

The Rock group stages puts together a masterful display of musical craftsmanship that makes for an amazing experience of audio bliss. The vocals pop out the speakers with each melody and harmony being full of light, as it rides the waves of the fabulous production for a song about wanting to get to know a girl better and encouraging her to open up.

This new song "Something You" from stages is a song you must hear now and forever. They show veteran like experience with their music that has a sound that can't be denied. This track is exemplary from the lyrics, vocals, and production that create the perfect storm of amazing music.

Check out stages "Something You" below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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