Sons of Stereo - We Were Young

24 May

"I know you're on your own, but you'll never be alone"

Happy Friday!!! We hope you all have had a good week and have been able to enjoy the sweet pleasures of life. Today is all about excellence trying to give you the very best we can find. A special thank you is in order for Sons of Stereo for keeping that true with their new phenomenal piece of audio art "We Were Young".

Sons of Stereo puts on a master class with their new song "We Were Young".  The music has an incredible blend of Rock in the production that is brilliant in it's approach, Country in the content and story telling, and soul with a vocal performance that you feel that really puts this song in a class of it's own, that only leaves room for admiration.

Sons of Stereo's "We Were Young" is an impressive piece of work that has the potential to be looked back on as some of the group's most amazing work. Sons of Stereo gives you everything that makes music stand out and appreciated, being impressive at every aspect of music from the lyrics, production, and vocal performance that make this song gold with unlimited reply value to enjoy.

Check out Sons of Stereo "We Were Young" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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