Sixteen Bullets - When They Come

22 Dec

"This the US of A they blow ya ass away!"

The decision to start featuring Rock music on the site was an easy one but the only thing was finding the right act to kick it off with. It's always important to make a statement when debuting something but once I heard "When They Come" by Sixteen Bullets, I knew that this was the perfect group with the right sound to make the perfect statement.

Sixteen Bullets has a sound that can't be denied on "When They Come". The production hits you right away as it grabs you instantly with it's raw artistry as you hear the tone being set with the statement "Four in the morning, crack of dawn, at 6am when the police come", a nice reference to the classic Ice T record "6 N The Mornin" that helped pioneer gangsta rap.

Sixteen Bullets "When They Come" is a brilliant track that tells a precautionary underworld tale to those who choose to live the street life. The lyrics are the perfect pen to paint over this hard and accelerating production, that is the perfect canvas and the vocal performance that brings everything full circle to make an incredible track.

Check out Sixteen Bullets "When They Come" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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