Rebecca Lou - Take Ur Time

01 May

"Surrender the night and the moon"

It's a totally different feeling to be taken back by someone's work that you're at a loss of words. So many thoughts and ideas to sum up something so incredible nothing comes out. That feeling of ultimate bliss can only come from something truly brilliant, that all you can do is show admiration. That's everything that Rebecca Lou's new song "Take Ur Time" makes you feel.

Rebecca Lou creates a Magnum Opus level of music with their new work "Take Ur Time". The production grabs you instantly and brings you into their beautiful world, with the amazing vocals, and genius level song writing, keeping you there to stay for a lifetime. The record is true brilliance as their amazing works shine bright enough to light the darkest places in this world.

Rebecca Lou's "Take Ur Time" is your new all time favorite record you need to discover immediately. It has a star sound to it that you will appreciate as soon as the song plays. It hits the mark in every criteria of music and everything you need to enjoy this timeless masterpiece.

Check out Rebecca Lou "Take Ur Time" below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends! 

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