New Palace Talkies - Caravan for Sale

24 Apr

"I got a Caravan for sale"

There's so many critierias for a great record. It can be broken down in so many ways to meet ones idea for a great song, but some music is just game changing. A record that you feel in your bones and your gut tells you this is something special. The new record "Caravan for Sale" by New Palace Talkies is an absolute game changer you must hear now.

New Palace Talkies shows the innovation and creativity music can still have with his new song "Caravan for Sale". The sound is so unique and bright, that you can only come to this him for this special groove he creates with his production. The lyrics are just as special with engaging lyrics and metaphors that are delivered, by a vocal performance special enough to create a perfect storm of musical bliss.

New Palace Talkies "Caravan for Sale" is a song you not only must hear but truly owe it to yourself to hear if you love good music. New Palace Talkies truly knocks this song out the park and lets all of his talents shine. He is truly the next big thing in music and his work speaks for itself. A true master class of music is what he gives you in his music with "Caravan for Sale" being the ultimate proof. 

Check out New Palace Talkies "Caravan for Sale" below and follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends! 

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