14 Mar

"It's been a long night, I'm waiting for salvation"

One thing that there is never a shortage of is music. Everyday tons of artists drop some new music but one thing that is hard to find is originality and creativity in music. Music that really dives deep to create a great body of work that is unique. NEEDSHES however dives deep to create some magic with their new song full of soul called "U Babe".

NEEDSHES shines on their new song "U Babe". The creativity is amazing and refreshing, as NEEDSHES is daring in their execution of fusing together Soul, Rock, R&B and Hip Hop to make one stellar track. The lyrics are raw as they're smooth, the vocal performance on each phase of the track is on point, and all delivered masterfully.

NEEDSHES "U Babe" is a great track that not only showcases the groups many talents but also how creative and innovative music can still be. NEEDSHES strives for greatness and gives a record that breaks barriers while also having something for all music fans to enjoy. 

Check out NEEDSHES "U Babe" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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