MindMassage - Shivers

13 Jan

"Shivers, when I slow it down"

My favorite uncle once told me, if you're going to make music it needs to have that soul and some funk, it has to be funky. I wasn't exactly sure what he meant when he said it but hearing that new song "Shivers" from MindMassage , I know exactly what he meant now because their sound has all the funk and soul anyone can ever ask for.

MindMassage crafts together a record that has that thing that makes people fall in love with music. The musicianship is truly amazing with not only setting the right mood but just having that funk that you feel in your bones, that make sitting still listening to this impossible. It takes control of the mind and body with the brilliant production and vocal performance that delivers every line to perfection, with the songwriting that makes your mind wander to the most beautiful place you can think of.

MindMassage's "Shivers" is a masterpiece that whoever hears it will be raving over it. If put into one word this song is "sexy", not in raunchy way but in a funky way filled with elegance. It's checks every board of being a stand out track in every way with this track being undeniable and a must hear.

Check out MindMassage "Shivers" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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