Luke Tooze - Everything

07 Jan

"Everything feels better when you're around"

Music is forever changing. It's always something new or trendy going on in music but one thing that never leaves is the way music connects with you. That music that touches the soul and makes you invest into a record emotionally. Australia's own Luke Tooze brings that music that you can feel with his new song "Everything".

Luke Tooze brings together a music masterpiece with his new song "Everything" that is reminiscent of Coldplay's "Yellow". Luke perfects the art of using your voice as an instrument with his brilliant vocal performance that has that right amount of vulnerability to it, that tugs at your heart while giving you an incredible rock love ballad.

Luke Tooze's "Everything" is the perfect love song as he gives the message that is everything is better and brighter with his love in his life. It's truly stellar from the vocal performance, the lyrics, and the production that puts all of his talents on full bloom to create a record with unlimited replay value.

Fall in love with Luke Tooze "Everything" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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