LPX - Give Up The Ghost (Official Video)

03 May

"Make no bones about it"

We can preach all day about how Fridays are all about excellence, but it means nothing if we don't live it. Somethings are beyond a pleasure to witness and just a pure blessing to enjoy. LPX has truly blessed us with giving us a video for her song "Give Up The Ghost" that is truly a modern day art piece.

LPX provides a truly amazing video filled with her riding in a bad ass car while showcasing herself as a star.  LPX not only uses "Give Up The Ghost" to tell a story of letting go and moving forward but to show just how much of a star she is with a talent level that some can only dream for.

LPX crafts together an incredible record with "Give Up The Ghost" with the vocal performance being amazing in it's use as an instrument to create emotion, the brilliantly written lyrics, and the production being the perfect score for this tale that makes this song shine to the fullest.

Check out LPX "Give Up The Ghost" official video below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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