Low Hum - Strange Love

05 Apr

"It's a crime I will never regret"

Happy Friday!! We've made it through another week and I hope it's been a great one. For all the trouble we go through in a week, you deserve to hear nothing but the best music possible and when I say the best music, I mean that new record from Low Hum called "Strange Love".

Low Hum creates an exciting musical masterpiece with their new song "Strange Love". Low Hum grabs you immediately with his incredible production and instrumentation that can't be ignored nor denied. On top of the incredible production is an amazing vocal performance that delivers their brilliant lyrics with masterful execution, that makes for an audio experience like no other.

Low Hum "Strange Love" is a song you owe it to yourself to hear if you love music. From beginning to end Low Hum gives you a masterful display of musicianship, from the production and instrumentation, raw vocal performance, and sharp songwriting that makes this record hit on all cylinders.

Check out Low Hum "Strange Love" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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