Live Yatta - My First Punk Song

24 Dec

"Bullet vest cause a lot of n**gas owe the debt"

Happy Monday and Merry Christmas Eve! This is a time for celebration and gift giving and here at the Global Media Blog it's another exciting Monday to bring you the best music out there. If you're looking for an early Christmas gift, look no further than the new creative song from Live Yatta called "My First Punk Song".

Live Yatta shines on "My First Punk Song"off his "MopHead" project. The creativity is amazing and refreshing, as Live Yatta is daring in his execution of fusing together Pop, Punk, and Hip Hop to make one stellar track. Yatta's lyrics are raw, the vocal performance on each phase of the track is on point, and all delivered masterfully.

Live Yatta's "My First Punk Song" is a great track that not only showcases his many talents but also how creative and innovative music can still be. Live Yatta strives for greatness and gives a record that breaks barriers while also having something for all music fans to enjoy. 

Check out Live Yatta "My First Punk Song" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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