Jess Ribeiro - Stranger

29 Jan

"I like you so much, that it's making me sick"

Good music is truly one of the best gems to find in life. That thing you find or thing that finds you and brings a certain type of light to your life, from the special glow of the record. Jess Ribeiro's new song found me when I needed some musical saving and is shining bright with her new song "Stranger".

Jess Ribeiro has a special sound that commands your attention with her new song "Stranger". Jess vocal performance is hypnotizing, while it instantly grabs you in, and brings you into her beautiful world. The production is brilliant and the song writing is superb talking about the strange feeling of finding a new love, that makes for an experience you'll never forget and hope never ends.

Jess Ribeiro's "Stranger" is a genius level production of music that embodies everything that makes people fall in love with music and artist alike. The music is truly master class, from the vocal performance by Jess that is beautiful yet has a touch of darkness to it that is mesmerizing, the lyrics that are thought provoking and engaging, and the production that is on another level that can't be duplicated, only enjoyed. 

Check out Jess Ribeiro "Stranger" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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