Jakob Leventhal - Neckties and Suicides

18 Jan

"A smile's quite a terrible sting, when your heart is barely whole"

Happy Friday!!! You've made it through another week and you deserve some great new music for your troubles. Fridays are always the best of the best, as we know you need the right music to play for your weekend and this Friday you need to stop what you're doing, and listen to the most beautifully dark song you will ever hear by Jakob Leventhal called "Neckties and Suicides".

Jakob Leventhal displays his genius with his new song "Neckties and Suicides". The content is heavy as he brilliantly speaks on the struggles of surviving this cold world and no matter what keep giving yourself a chance to live each day. As heavy as the content is, the production and Jakob's vocal performance soften the tone to make the perfect storm of vulnerability, that tugs at your heart, and is a musical friend if you ever need one.

Jakob Leventhal's "Neckties and Suicides" is the a shining example of what artists should use their music for. To be a voice of change and speak to the listeners mind and soul, in a way that can be life changing and life saving. The song is musically superb and is a record you shouldn't go another day without.

Check out Jakob Leventhal "Neckties and Suicides" below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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