Haven Chills - Let 'em Roll

28 Dec

"Everybody falls down, Universe is a small town"

We've made it to another Friday! Some of us have been on vacation and some of haven't been able to get a break in, but we all have been waiting for a chance to enjoy the best music out. With Friday's always being about excellence, it's only right we bring you some new music from Classic Rock meets Alternative group from Vancouver, Canada Haven Chills with their new song "Let em' Roll".

Haven Chills gives you everything with their new song "Let em' Roll". They give you some good ol Blues that you feel in the soul, that Classic Rock that makes your head knock, and some Funk that makes you feel the jonz in your bones. The production is genius in it's execution and the vocal performance is outstanding, that comes together to give you something familiar, but yet so new and fresh.

Haven Chills "Let em' Roll" is a song that Rock purists and new fans can come together and enjoy alike. Everything about the song is high class and has the perfect groove that gives it unlimited replay value.

Check out Haven Chills "Let 'em Roll" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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