EDO - Die Young

28 May

"I ain't living holy, I just bought a rollie"

The whole purpose of starting the Global Media Rock was to showcase the best music from around the world. The music that must be acknowledged and is game changing in it's approach. No other song is a game changer right now like EDO's new song "Die Young".

EDO shines on his new record "Die Young". The creativity is amazing and refreshing, as EDO is daring in his execution of fusing together Rock and Hip Hop to make one stellar track. EDO's lyrics are raw and braggadocios, matched with the vocal performance on each phase of the track being on point, to make everything thing connect to a superb level.

EDOs "Die Young" is a great track that not only showcases his many talents but also how creative and innovative music can still be. EDO strives for greatness and gives a record that breaks barriers while also having something for all music fans to enjoy. 

Check out EDO "Die Young" below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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