Earthquake Lights - Moonlight

20 Jan

"Brace yourself and hope you can be saved"

I love all kinds of music, but the music I love the most is music that doesn't give you a choice if you like it or not. It makes the decision for you. Some music is just undeniable and goes beyond someones musical preference and is just a damn good record, that you must not only listen to, but love and appreciate. Earthquake Lights has that type of music with their new song "Moonlight".

Earthquake Lights can only be described as genius with their new song "Moonlight". It's an amazing record that goes beyond critiquing and just a song you listen to and enjoy. From the beginning to end, the musicianship displayed by Earthquake Lights is brilliant and puts them in another stratosphere that one can only hope to reach musically.

Earthquake Lights "Moonlight" is everything music is and should be. The music is creative and innovative, with their own sound being on full bloom. The production is beyond great, the lyrics tell an incredible story, and the right vocal performance that delivers the message perfectly, that makes this record superb.

Check out Earthquake Lights "Moonlight" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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