Digital Daggers - Paper Bag Princess

29 Dec

"I'd trade in my crown for a beat in my chest"

Sometimes finding new music can be comparable to a treasure hunt. Searching far and wide trying to find the gems of the music world. You may find an empty treasure chest or you may find everything you're looking for. Digital Daggers new song "Paper Bag Princess" is that treasure we've all been looking for.

Digital Daggers are a Los Angeles based "Goth Pop" duo comprised of Andrea Wasse and Space. These two come together to make magic with their new song "Paper Bag Princess". Digital Daggers have a sound that is the perfect blend of dark, inspiring, with mass appeal that is sure to make them the next big thing.

Digital Daggers "Paper Bag Princess" is everything you could want with the pair giving you an incredible display of musicianship, from the thought provoking lyrics that stop you in your tracks, the amazing production, and the great vocal performance that makes this an incredible record you will want to hear again and share with others.

Check out Digital Daggers "Paper Bag Princess" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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