CIVILIANA - Carry a Light

27 Mar

"I'm over it, I'm over you"

An artist who isn't willing to take chances, is an artist who isn't built to last. It takes diving deep into your creative mind and bringing life to innovative ideas, is what makes an artist ground breaking. An artist who can give the world everything they never knew they needed, can shine on the dullest day and Canada's own CIVILIANA comprised of Calen Trentini,  Spencer Daley, Adam Wilson, and Daniel Ponich changes the game with their new song "Carry a Light".

CIVILIANA takes you on a thrilling journey with their new song "Carry a Light". CIVILIANA's innovative sound is like a roller coaster, as they strap you in and takes you on a ride of a lifetime that is packed with excitement. The sounds is brought to you in technicolor and the great lyrics are delivered with a vocal performance that is filled with soul and grit, that you will feel in your bones from beginning to end.

CIVILIANA's "Carry a Light" is true brilliance in audio form. The creativity being displayed is unmatched with a sound that is original, innovative, and can't be duplicated. If you want to hear the next big thing in music, stop what you're doing and listen to this record now.

Check out CIVILIANA "Carry a Light" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!  

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