Chateau Chateau - Evidence

10 Jan

"I'm only asking what you think, So what do you think?"

Music is truly an art from subjective enough that ten people can hear the same song and all have a different opinion. So many different factors go into what someone may consider a great record, that it takes an undeniable talent to stand out as great no matter what you like. Chateau Chateau is that incredible talent with their new song "Evidence" that is truly undeniable.

Chateau Chateau is already a kick ass group name, that reminds you of a 80's band that was taking over the charts and the music does everything else. Chateau Chateau delivers musical bliss with their new song "Evidence". As soon as the first guitar riffs start, it instantly engages you, and all you have to do is go on the amazing ride they take you on. 

Chateau Chateau's "Evidence" is a song that describes the struggle of finding value in something you've created, within this they have created something that has endless value and exceeds any expectation one could have. The lyrics are witty and brilliant in it's articulation, the production is beyond amazing, and a great vocal performance that seals the deal on the perfect track to showcase this group's genius.

Check out Chateau Chateau "Evidence" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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