Black Cats & Magpies - Better Days

21 Mar

"What can they take, when you just don't care anymore"

Everyone has their own idea and definition of what a real musician/artist is. For me a real artist is one who makes music with integrity and utilizes all their tools to the fullest ability, like being able to truly use your vocals as an instrument to convey a message, and painting vivid picture with your lyrics. All of these things are done masterfully by Black Cats & Magpies with their new song "Better Days".

Black Cats & Magpies have a style that can connect to the masses with their relatable lyrics and thevocals that you can feel with every note. The instrumentation is incredible on "Better Days" being the perfect canvas to deliver a beautiful masterpiece for the listeners to enjoy.

Black Cats & Magpies "Better Days" is a brilliant display of musicianship you should listen to now! This record hits the mark in every criteria of music from the great lyrics that you can feel, the vocal performance that touches the soul, and the incredible production that helps bring everything full circle. Black Cats & Magpies creates a record that puts all of his talents on full bloom for the world to enjoy.

Check out Black Cats & Magpies "Better Days" below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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