Tessa Rae- awesome

30 Apr

"Calling on my angels they be watching"

Summer is fast approaching in with the hot weather approaching you need hotter music to vibe out to. That new anthem that makes you feel good as soon as you hit play to fit your highest mood of feeling yourself. That's the music Tessa Rae has for you with her new record "awesome"

Tessa Rae shows us how much swagger and flavor she possesses on her new song "awesome. She rides this beat with that infectious charisma that makes you instantly become attached to the artist, with this bouncy banger you can feel to the point you sing it like it's your own words.

Tessa Rae's "awesome" is your new favorite song you must add to your favorite playlist. She displays the perfect balance of swagger filled flow, bravado filled lyrics, and a melodic tone that smooths everything out over this amazing production. It's a smash just in time for the summer to become your anthem for thrilling times ahead.

Check out Tessa Rae "awesome" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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