Shreya Preeti - Think I'd Like To Be You

14 Mar

"Think I like my new view"

Being in this position I never take for granted how fortunate I am to hear so much music. I take the good days, with the bad days till its better days through the whole process. Hearing tracks like "Think I'd Like To Be You" from Shreya Preeti makes everything so worth it.

Pushing play on any track from someone you've never heard is always a gamble but anyone who presses play on this track, should expect and will get nothing short of musical brilliance. Shreya Preeti uses this track to make a song that represents so many of her common feelings where she wonders if she is inadequate, in comparison to the plethora of talented and deserving independent artists out there. Her smooth sultry voice have the perfect marriage with her raw lyrics to take you on a journey over this amazing production.

Shreeya Preeti's glow shines bright over this track that will have you searching through her whole discography as you've just found a new favorite artist with her talent being undeniable. 

Check out Shreeya Preeti "Think I'd Like To Be You"" below and follow her on twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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