Senua - Sleep

23 Jan

"These thoughts inside my mind are always trying to speak to me"

Nothing connects people more than music. The stories and melodies that truly connect to the soul that make you become attached to the record. An artist ability to convey their emotion in authenticity in a song in a way that grabs the people can determine how far one can go. Senua can go as far as she wants as she masters this art with her new song “Sleep”.

Senua is a young artist out of Grand Rapids, Michigan who is an amazing talent. Senua’s talents are on full display from the songwriting that’s brilliant in its articulation, as she digs deep and speaks of her time of depression and the insomnia those thoughts can create , the vocals that have all the soul and emotion you could ask for, all while she uses this mellow production as the perfect canvas to create a beautiful picture on “Sleep”. 

Senua's "Sleep" is an incredible record from an amazing artist that you will fall in love with. Senua crafts together a masterpiece as she finds combines the perfect balance of skill and emotion that touches the soul.

Check out Senua "Sleep" below and follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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