Santino Le Saint - Feel Like Drugs

19 Feb

"Love don't feel like drugs no more"

With the right amount of effort and timing anyone can make a dope record,but in order to have continued success at putting out consistent great releases you must have a high level of talent. You wont find too many artist as talented as London's own Santino Le Saint. He was first featured on Global Money World with his song "Ride or Die" and now he's back working his magic on his song "Feel Like Drugs".

Santino Le Saint crafts together a one of a kind audio masterpiece with his song "Feel Like Drugs". The sound has a dark, beautiful, and conflicted sound that is reminiscent of Prince's "The Beautiful Ones". Santino really lets his songwriting skills shine on this incredible record,with a pen that has potential to be legendary with his story telling and metaphor game on the level of lyrical emcees.

Santino Le Saint's "Feel Like Drugs" is his best work to date that really shows his growth and his high level of musical skills to the fullest. The vocal performance is amazing, the songwriting is brilliant and the production is beyond genius that truly makes this record beyond music,but just sheer art for the world to enjoy.

Check out Santino Le Saint "Feel Like Drugs" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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