Rae.Dianz featuring Seana, X Man, and Yazzie Mojo - Someone Like You (unmastered)

09 Apr

"Do you wish for someone like me"

Being in this position I never take for granted how fortunate I am to hear so much music. I take the good days, with the bad days till its better days through the whole process. Hearing tracks like "Someone Like You" from Rae.Dianz featuring  Seana, X Man, and Yazzie Mojo makes everything so worth it.

Rae.Dianz, Seana, X Man, and Yazzie Mojo come together to craft a record, where all of their many talents are on full bloom with "Someone Like You". This song is truly art that is not only audio but paints a visual picture, as it has an authentic feel you can't fake as you listen ,and visualize yourself being front and center at a soul lounge enjoying the groove. This record is musically brilliant with the song having many layers that you find to enjoy, with each listen being as fresh as the first. 

Rae.Dianz featuring Seana, X Man, and Yazzie Mojo "Someone Like You" is a record that shows the soul that music can still have when giving the space to. The production is marvelous, the vocals have soul that embodies rhythm and blues, the lyrics are on point, and it's all delivered masterfully to make this a must hear.

Check out Rae.Dianz featuring Seana, X Man, and Yazzie Mojo "Someone Like You" below and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!





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