Myles Jasnowski - Where I Want to Be

18 Mar

"I don't wanna leave you"

Nothing is more exciting than Mondays at Global Media R&B. The best of the best comes out this day every week to give the people the music they want and the music they need. Myles Jasnowski gives the people the music they need with his new song "Where I Want to Be".

Myles Jasnowski delivers a stellar performance on his new song "Where I Want to Be" that strums a beautiful melody in your heart. Myles lyrics are touching and his vocal approach is brilliant as you hear the vulnerability in his voice that makes you feel the pain in the record. 

Myles Jasnowski shines on his new release "Where I Want to Be" that has so much soul that it sounds like something we would hear if D'Angelo made "Voodoo" present day, with him giving you the total package of true musicianship from amazing production, top notch lyrics, and an amazing vocal performance that makes for incredible artistry. 

Check out Myles Jasnowski "Where I Want to Be" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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