Lizzie Ross - Blind

01 Apr

"Do you even see me now"

Happy Monday! The weekends always fly by and we are back starting another week. The start of the week can really be a drag, so here at Global Media R&B, we try to give you the best music we can to help kick start your week better. This is only possible with music from amazing artists and an amazing artist that is making this possible today is Lizzie Ross with her new song "Blind".

Lizzie Ross has talent that can't be denied with her new song "Blind". The sound is so polished and soulful with the a feel of legendary acts like Joni Mitchell, Amy Winehouse & Lauryn Hill. Lizzie's star presence is felt all over this track with a vocal performance that the masses can feel with every note, while delivering incredible lyrics over this amazing production.

Lizzie Ross "Blind" is an outstanding body of work the world should hear. The record is truly a smash with unlimited soul appeal, that the world will love. The vocals are gold, the lyrics are amazing, that make for a piece of work nothing short of genius, as her genius is on full display.

Check out Lizzie Ross "Blind" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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