Cyra Gwynth - Therapy

23 Apr

"Boy you got me f**ked up"

Happy Tuesday!! We make it a point but to bring you the best of the best music daily but especially on Mondays, to get your week started right. We weren't able to bring you anything this week Monday, but we got something that'll make up for it with this incredible new record from Cyra Gwynth called "Therapy"

Cyra Gwynth is gold on her new song "Therapy" displaying her beautiful voice while showing us, how much swagger and flavor she possesses. Cyra rides this beat with that infectious charisma that makes you become attached to artists, with her lyrics being ultra relatable and the perfect mix of confidence and vulnerability, that makes for a one of a kind musical experience.

Cyra Gwynth's "Therapy" is a song you need to drop everything for and hear now. She displays the perfect balance of great singing, confident and aware content, and a melodic tone that smooths everything out over this amazing production. It's a smash delivered on a diamond and pearl platter for the world to enjoy.

Check out Cyra Gwynth "Therapy" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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