CILLA - Needed

03 Apr

"If you don't want me, why don't you set me free"

Music has a lot of different elements that create an experience for the listener to become a fan of. The element that makes people connect with the music on a religious level is soul. That soul that comes from the artist that you feel in your heart and have you hanging on every word. CILLA crafts together a record with all the soul you need with her new song "Needed".

CILLA crafts together a record that has that thing that makes people fall in love with music with her new song "Needed". The production is truly amazing with not only setting the right mood but also shows her wide range of talent.. It takes control of the mind and body with the brilliant production and vocal performance that delivers every line to perfection, with the songwriting that makes you feel like she knows your whole story

CILLA's "Needed" is a masterpiece that whoever hears it will be raving over it. This record is filled with soul, grace,  and elegance that fans will awe and admire. It checks every mark of being a stand out track in every way with this track being undeniable and a must hear.

Check out CILLA "Needed" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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