Brenforprez - Italy

23 Jan

"Always got some sauce like I'm from Italy"

It's very easy to find hip hop music that has the swagger and bravado that engages you. Easy enough you can find it pretty much anywhere from anyone. The one thing that is not as easy to find is the right r&b song with swagger. It's usually hit or miss with most of them being misses but with Brenforprez up to bat he knocks it out the park on his song "Italy".

Brenforprez style is the perfect fusion of hip hop and r&b on "Italy" as his lyrics and cadence are very much hip hop but his melodic style and amazing voice gives it so much soul that you can feel with every word. Brenforprez shows nothing but flex on "Italy" as his lyrics drip nothing but sauce all over this production with hard drums and ambient synth pads that mesh well his vocals.

Brenforprez accompanies this great record "Italy" with a video that has nothing but flabor as Brenforprez steps out the flashy ride and introduces the world to the star that we all will know as he shows the perfect bravado and charisma that sells not only the record but him as an artist.

Check out Brenforprez "Italy" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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