Audrey - Yaburnee

23 Jan

"With you by my side, I'll run through the past of time"

A key for becoming a life long fan of an artist is innovation. How creative and innovative they are determines, how much you can grow with them through their musical career. Audrey continues to grow with every release and makes her own lane in music, with her new song "Yaburnee". Yaburnee is from the Arabic term ya’aburnee, which literally translates to “you bury me.” It expresses wishing someone will die after you because you couldn’t handle the grief of living without them. 

I was first introduced to Audrey's music with the song "Honeypot". It was a truly a record that stopped me in my track and wanted to know who was this artist,  with this much flair and exciting music, as she gave you sweet melodies and witty raps on a track. 

Audrey brilliantly built a story on "Yaburnee" around the concept about two lovers time traveling and built everything. The song's simplicity of the synth heavy mellow production crafted by Anwar Sawyer, merge well with Audrey's complex lyrics that make for a musical masterpiece.

Audrey's "Yaburnee" is an amazing record that will make you a fan from your first listen and beyond. Audrey gives you superb songwriting and a excellent vocal performance over this stand out production that make it a winner.

Check out Audrey "Yaburnee" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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