Audrey - Souffle

08 Mar

"Cool enough, give it up"

A quote I once read was "Anything truly worth writing about, is truly unexplainable". That's exactly how I feel about Audrey. Audrey is a rarity in this game with her not only being ultra talented, but being consistent in her releases delivering diamond level shine every time.  Audrey has blessed us with "Yaburnee" and "Empty Hands". With this new release Audrey switches it up and works a different type of magic with her new song "Souffle".

Audrey is a master of creating beautiful ballads but with "Souffle" , she shows us how much swagger and flavor she posseses. Audrey rocks this beat laced by Anwar Sawyer as this pair is truly in sync with their magic they create. She rides this beat with that infectious charisma that makes you become attached to artist, with this bouncy banger you can feel to the point you sing it like it's your own words.

Audrey's "Souffle" is your new favorite song that you need to hear now. She displays the perfect balance of swagger filled flow, consciously aware content, and a melodic tone that smooths everything out over this amazing production courtesy of Anwar. It's a smash delivered on a diamond and pearl platter for the world to enjoy.

Check out Audrey's "Souffle" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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