Alpines - Full Bloom

23 Jan

"We can't waste, any second, any minute, any hour"

Music is one of the most influential tools in life. It is really the voice for the people and can be the spark of change good or bad. If you have a voice in music you should always be aware of the message you are conveying because you never know who or what it can effect. The duo Alpines use their powerful voice to bring awareness to climate change on this amazing new song called "Full Bloom".

Alpines the duo composed of Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson come together to create an incredible record I loved as soon as I heard it. Alpines "Full Bloom" is brilliant in it's articulation with heartfelt and thought - provoking lyrics that sound like a call to action that Catherine sings with so much soul that touches the heart with every note.

Alpines "Full Bloom" is a must hear from the flawless production that grabs you instantly, the brilliant lyrics, and the amazing vocal performance that makes this record pure gold.

Check out Alpines "Full Bloom" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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